• Fall 2010 TeachMeet will be at Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN 38111 on October 2, from 9 AM to 2 PM. (4025 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38111 Directions)
  • There will be DOOR PRIZES at the end of the day!
  • There will be no vendors present.
  • You will be able to network and see what works for real teachers in their classrooms.
  • Free admission.
  • Anyone can present and the topics are still open, so click on the Sign Up Forms page to submit topic ideas. We want this to be useful to teachers, so the teachers coming have input and control over the conference.
  • The presentations and organization will reflect best practice that we can model for our students.
  • Presentations are fast paced at only 20 minutes long. No worries on working up a long, detailed presentation. Just come and share with us what you are doing in your classroom! (Remember that time includes getting up to the podium, setting up if you need, and presenting. So keep it simple for yourself!)
  • No need to create powerpoints to present. If there are resources that you want to share, you may link them on this wiki, or email them to me and I will embed them.
  • This (un)conference will be focusing mostly on applications of educational technology for higher level learning, supporting critical and creative thinking. This encompasses Web 2.0 tools, blogs, virtual conferencing, collaborative projects, wikis, Nings, social networks, Google Tools, and more.
  • If you would like to present virtually please do! We will use Skype to connect with you so that you can share your talents with us.

You can edit and add to any part of this public wiki. Just please make sure that what you are adding will help our community here.

Contact msmith@pdsmemphis.org if you have any questions.