1. Aaron Fowles - Quick URL Distribution - This will briefly cover how to share URLs with students using bit.ly and a custom search bookmark.
  2. Cindy Brock - Smartboard Tips and Tricks - Showing tools in the gallery in Smartboard software to use to make notebook files
  3. Cindy Brock - Using Diigo - Will show the benefits of using social bookmarking in education
  4. Amanda Dykes - Teachers as Story Tellers - I think teachers need to be turned from lecturers into story tellers. Also, some teachers think it is no longer ok to orally give info to students. But if a teacher tells the story, not spits out facts, students will not only better remember but have a better understanding of a concept. Using technology and basic digital story telling ideas that students use, teachers can demonstrate DST and share their knowledge of a given subject matter that can reach most learning styles.
  5. Julene Reed - Refine Searching - Using YoLink in conjunction with the SweetSearch search engine to help your students find content appropriate for them and more relevant to their needs. (All free web-based tools.
  6. Cathy Kyle - Blogging - Learn how easy it is to set up your own blog through blogger!
  7. Kim Trefz - Project Based Learning
  8. Lynn Williams - collaborative creation project websites - Lynn's Wiki
  9. @cybraman
  10. Jessica Lancaster
  11. Wes Fryer
  12. Clif Mims - AudioBoo (Related blog post and wiki notes)
  13. Colin Graham @ColinTGraham - Moderating a chat on Twitter - "What is involved in setting up and running successful discussions on Twitter? How much work is involved? In this session I will talk about how #mathchat came into being, what I wished I done differently and where I think it may be headed - virtually! I will also point out what can be done on a smaller scale in terms of setting up Wikis, archiving chats and Twitter versus other forms of online exchanges."
  14. Colin Graham - Origami as a listening exercise - "It is never possible to give a complete set of instructions, neither is it always easy to adapt instructions from one format into another - visual into aural, for example. Using origami as an example, we will look at ways of improving Ss ability to follow diagrams, highlight key vocabulary and explore techniques for explaining." Particularly useful for those who may have to work with the partially-sighted or with limited English language skills.
  15. Melissa Smith - 21st Century Literature Circles - Learn about the free tools (PBWiki, KidBlog, and Edmodo) that PDS uses to conduct their Literature Circles.
  16. Raina Adelman - ROC - Students at SGIS participated in the Rock Our World project and will share their journey and experience with you. LINK: Flat Tales Progressive Story Rock Our World
  17. Watchknow.org - Wiki set up movie bank established for teachers to locate free movies via topic or grade. Establish your own account to save movie favorites and share them with students as "homework".
  18. Dughall McCormick - @dughall - esafety, using forums, why we should be helping kids learn these 'new' literacies
  19. Melissa Smith - Back channeling in your classrooms through Edmodo
  20. Philip Cummings - @Philip_Cummings SymbalooEDU SweetSearch Posterous
  21. John Simi - The Best of Web 2.0

Nick Jackson - @largerama